Adult Celebration Terms and Conditions


  • The hirer must truthfully and accurately state the type of activity/function the venue is being hired for.
  • The hirer must only use the venue area they have booked and paid for.
  • The hirer will have 1 hour (free of charge) before the functions start time to set-up the hired room with decorations and food. If you believe you will need longer than 1 hour, let us know, but extra set-up time will be charged at the hourly rate.
  • The hirer will ensure that everything is packed down and all attendees have vacated from the premise by the agreed finish time.

Payment Terms

  • $50 non-refundable deposit is paid via the website prior to your booking being confirmed.
  • The booking form on the website must be filled in to secure your booking.
  • The final balance must be paid by the due date stated on the invoice (10-14 days prior to the booking).

Additional Charges

  • The hirer must adhere to the confirmed hire period. Failure to do so can incur additional charges (hourly rate).
  • There will be additional charges if:
  • The venue is left in an unsatisfactory cleanliness condition.
  • There is any damage or loss to the venue, including (but not limited to) loss of keys, damaged walls, damaged equipment/chattels, etc.
  • There is failure to abide by the agreed start and finish time of the hire.
  • There is failure to remove function rubbish from the venue.
  • Failure to secure the venue at the end of function, including doors, windows, and fire exits.
  • There is an emergency services call-out or fire alarm activation.


  • Bookings can be cancelled without charge up to 7 days prior to the function. Only a 50% refund is available if the booking is cancelled less than 7 days prior to the function date.
  • CDP has the right to cancel bookings if an unforeseen circumstance arises after the booking has been confirmed.

Conditions of Use

  • The person who makes the booking is required to be present for the duration of the function
  • The stated capacity of the hired room must not be exceeded at any time during the function. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the capacity is complied with.
  • It is the responsibility of the hirer to inspect the community facility at the commencement of their allotted booking time to ensure its condition is safe and fit for the purpose of the hire. Any hazards are required to be immediately reported to the event manager, Amelia (021 205 3582)
  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the general public does not have access to the venue, including toilets, during the hire period.
  • The hirer is not permitted to allow any illegal activities to take place in or outside the venue during the hire period.
  • Behaviour of the hirer and attendees of the event must be respectful at all times towards staff and other attendees. Anyone whose behaviour is intimidating, harassing or harmful will be removed from the premise. Failure to leave the premises will result in the NZ police being called.
  • Due to our venue being in an industrial area, there are no strong noise limitations. However, the noise level is still expected to be respectful.
  • All persons accepting this agreement shall be personally bound to abide by all terms and conditions contained in this agreement and to fulfil all of the hirers obligations under this agreement.
  • The hirer accepts the responsibility to verify all exit points and safety equipment. They also ensure that all exit points/doorways are unobstructed and clear.
  • The hirer agrees to provide a first aid kit that is made for the group’s needs.
  • Smoking and vaping are NOT permitted anywhere on the premises.
  • Flammable materials (e.g. open fires, barbeques, gas appliances, naked flames, flammable liquids, etc) are NOT permitted on the premises.


  • BYO alcohol is permitted to be consumed at the venue.
  • There is no option to apply for a special alcohol licence to allow alcohol to be sold on the premises. It is a BYO-only venue.
  • The hirer is responsible for providing a safe drinking environment at the function.
  • The hirer is responsible for ensuring that everyone who is consuming alcohol is doing so safely and within their limit. If any guest has consumed alcohol past their limit and is no longer acting safely, you will be asked to remove them from the premises. If this becomes an issue, the NZ police will be called.
  • If there is alcohol being consumed on-site, there must be enough food provided to ensure everyone has access to a decent amount of food. 

Fire/Evacuation Responsibilities

  • The hirer agrees to act as a Fire Warden during the duration of the hire.
  • The hirer agrees to control and supervise the facilities emergency evacuation procedures
  • Emergency exit doors are to remain unobstructed at all times.


  • The hirer must provide their own rubbish bags, kitchen materials, and cleaning materials. 
  • The hirer must ensure all equipment, decorations, food and rubbish are taken away with them and not left on the premises. There will be an additional charge for anything left on the premises that will need to be removed.
  • Everything must be clean, tidy and vacuumed before the end of the hire period. If the hirer has chosen the additional option of a cleaner, everything and everyone still needs to be removed from the premises before the cleaner arrives at the end of the hire period.
  • All furniture is to be stacked/stored back in the position it was at the beginning of the hire period.
  • At the end of the hire period, the venue needs to be locked up, made secure, and lighting turned off before leaving the premises.