Terms and Conditions


  • Attendance is very important at Silhouette. Missing lessons really affect the child’s learning rhythm and they often miss crucial pieces of syllabus or choreography.

  • Children in our Academy and Development programmes are expected to attend all their lessons for the Term. If they need to be absent from class we must be notified by email with the reason for their absense.

  • Children in our Pre-School, Mini, Recreational and Open Class Programmes don’t have the same pressure to attend every class however please keep in mind they will also find it tricky to catch up with any missed choreography. Please advise if your child needs to miss a class so our tutors are aware.

  • During Term Four attendance will be important for your child to be in the End of Year Showcase. Too many missed lessons may result in your child not being able to perform. Missing class during Term Four will often affect all the other children in the routine so we want them to feel confident in their formations without some children only coming occasionally.

  • Absence emails will not be replied to as we receive so many each week. Please do not expect a reply.

Covid-19 Alert Levels

  • If Christchurch goes into Covid alert level three or four then we will switch over to a zoom timetable which will look different to the normal studio timetable. And the rule is a class that is normally 45mins will be 30minutes on zoom as we feel it is better in smaller amounts especially for the children attending multiple classes online.

  • We have class plans for each week of teaching so we will endeavor to provide enough zoom hours so every child is still getting a reasonable amount of learning time in order to keep up with the set weekly plans and expectations.

  • If we feel the students require more learning time to keep up with our expectations then we will organize extra workshops once we are able to return to the venue. We may also make up the hours by sending out video links to pre-recorded lessons we have prepared at an earlier date.

  • Zoom online learning is not compulsory however it has worked extremely well in the past and we feel the students still benefit from it as much as would in studio classes. If you decide to not engage with the online lessons then we understand and you will be best to attend any workshops offered on our return as term fees will not be refunded if we provide online learning options.

  • Term Fees stay the same regardless of whether we are teaching online or in the classroom and we make sure there is enough hours available (online, workshops, video links) to make up what has been paid in fees each week by our students. We appreciate your understanding that we still have to pay our tutors and the overheads while in Alert level three and four so we cannot refund any general term fees. Seperate rules apply to each of the specific events we run where we will likely offer a full refund if Covid cancels the event.

  • Our studio can open to normal classes at Alert level two but precautions must be taken to ensure safety and this means parents must drop their children off for class at the front doors and not enter the building. Any parents who have to enter the building for a specific reason must sign in at reception.

  • No parents can view classes at Alert level two.

  • Attendance roles will be taken every class to ensure we know what children have been on the premises but parents do need to scan the QR code if they come within 2 metres of the building.

Process of leaving our studio

  • Our students often become as close to us as our own children and it is very hard for us to have dancers leave suddenly. So we ask that out of respect you please follow the below process upon considering leaving.

  • If you have an issue that is making you consider leaving our studio then please email us in the first instance and explain the reason. This gives us a fair chance to try and fix the problem which we are always really open to as we wish the best experience for all our dancers.

  • If the problem is unable to be solved by us then we will understand your exit and you just need to give us two weeks notice.

  • Sometimes we will become aware that we are not able to provide exactly what a family may want and in that case we are more than happy to help them find a studio that can provide their specific requests so please ask us for advise. We would always try to see what we can provide first before suggesting a student goes elsewhere.

  • Any family that does withdraw from our studio is to be respectful and not talk negatively about our students, studio or the reason they left to their new studio directors. Christchurch is a small place and Silhouette is on great terms with a lot of the other studios so we are often made aware of any negative talk and will consider it bullying.

Respect, Responsibilty and Teamwork

  • Students should come prepared, on time and properly dressed for all classes and rehearsals. They will come to class with a positive attitude and be ready to give 100%.

  • Dancers are expected to know where they need to be, and when, at all times, for all events and performances.

  • Dancers agree to have proper hygiene and cleanliness at all times, and to abide by the dress code.

  • Dancers agree to refrain from using illegal and non-prescription drugs, steroids, or any other substance to increase physical development, as well as consumption of alcohol, and use of tobacco.

  • Dancers agree to keep their belongings organised and clean, and to leave all areas in the same condition or better than they found them at classes, rehearsals and performances.

  • It is our expectation at Silhouette Studios NZ that the focus will be on dance and while we encourage you to build healthy relationships with peers, we ask you to refrain from engaging in intimate relationships while onsite.

  • Always show your support and courtesy to all Silhouette Studios NZ dancers, not just your fellow class members. Please be aware of other classes in progress and respect expected noise levels.

  • Under no condition may any photo or video be posted online that would associate Silhouette Studios NZ to actions contrary to the standards outlined in our ‘Studio Code of Ethics’. As a representative of Silhouette Studios NZ, it is also unacceptable to participate in internet dialogue that involves anything inappropriate or negative towards any student, teacher or programme of Silhouette Studios NZ or any other dance school or event. Posting inappropriately on social media may result in dismissal from Silhouette Studios.  

  • All dancers will treat each other, their parents and their teachers with the utmost respect. Never talk or act negatively to anyone. We want to keep Silhouette Studios NZ a positive and encouraging environment.

  • Parents are also to treat fellow dance parents and their children with respect and never bad mouth or spread gossip about other families. We have zero tolerance for this and may ask families to leave instantly if we find out there has been unkind talk going on. This has been acted on in the past and we won’t hesitate to do it again if its the best thing for our students wellbeing. Parents must also respect the staff and tutors at Silhouette and abide by the studio rules and any agreements signed. This will ensure a happy and healthy dance environment.

  • Any child misbehaving or distracting their classmates, to the point we feel it is affecting the learning process, will be given a warning. If it happens a second time we will notify their parents and work on some solutions with their help. If the child continues to misbehave or distract the class then we will have to move them over to private lessons or withdraw them from their classes until the are ready to abide by our rules.

  • Drama-Free Clause – If a student or parent is involved in any unnecessary conflict or misconduct, it may result in a warning, suspension, or dismissal from Silhouette Studios NZ. Any monies spent will not be refunded.


  • All our classes have a set uniform except pre-school, recreational and Friday open classes (some guidelines apply). All students are expected to turn up to class with clean uniform and hair very slick and tidy.

  • Any students disregarding the uniform rules will receive one warning in the first instance and after a second time our office will contact the student’s parent to discuss the issue.

  • Students attending private lessons are also required to wear tidy classwear to match the genre of what they are learning.

Video, Photography and Social Media

  • Photos and videos are often taken at Silhouette classes, social events and performances. These are occasionally used in our showreels or posted on our social media pages. We love to celebrate the studio and our students.

  • All media is double checked for appropriateness and approved before posting to ensure safety of our students.

  • Media is never posted if it is innappropriate, against our ‘code of conduct’ or going to tarnish a students reputation.

  • No details regarding a students home address, contact phone number or personal email address will be posted online ever.

  • Children under 5 years old will never be named on social media from January 2021 without the permission of their parents.

  • We will sometimes add a name to school aged children unless we have had clear instructions from a parent to not use any names online. This needs to be in writing via email to admin@silhouettestudio.co.nz

  • We respect the wishes of parents and are more than happy to take down any media if a parent is not happy with its display. Please kindly email us to ask for its removal. This does not apply to public performance media but we will try and resolve the issue as best we can.

Term fees and Private lesson payments

  • If a student wishes to cease attending their lessons after attending one or more classes then this must be advised by email, giving at least two weeks’ notice. (This does not apply to new students who attend one trial class and then decide not to continue). 

  • If you withdraw from classes by the end of the current term you will not be charged any of the following term’s fees 

  • If you advise us that you have withdrawn from classes, but you advise us after the new term has started, then you will be charged 50% of that term’s fees. 

  • For existing students once your child has attended one class in the new term, and then withdraws from classes, you will still be liable for the full term’s fees with exception of special circumstances such as injury etc.

  • Term Fees for general timetable classes are invoiced two weeks prior to the end of the previous term and are due by the first class of the new term.

  • Private lessons are separate fees to the general term fees and are to be paid online no later than the lesson date. These fees are not invoiced. No cash or eftpos payments will be accepted.

  • Failure to pay private lessons on time will result in late fees being added at $5 per week overdue.

  • If you need to cancel a private lesson please txt or email the tutor no later than 24 hours prior to the lesson. Lessons cancelled on the day by the student will still require 50% payment unless it is due to sickness or injury.

  • Lesson payments are not required if the tutor cancels the lesson.

Examination and Production fees

  • Examination fees are invoiced out when the payments are required. Sometimes this will be included with the general term fee invoice.

  • Payments for examinations must be made at least six weeks prior to examination dates.

  • Examination fees for BBO Classical exams are non-refundable unless a medical certificate is received.

  • Examination fees for any other exams are refundable up to six weeks prior to examination dates.

  • Our End of Year Showcase requires the children to be costumed and there is a small charge for costume hire and a production admin for all the extra tutor hours required for such a large production.

  • Production fees will be included in your Term Four invoice and are to be paid by the required due date set out on the invoice.

  • Production fees are non-refundable.


  • If you or your child ever have any questions or concerns, please make an appointment to speak directly to the studio director rather than discussing it publicly or with other Silhouette families. We want this to be a positive experience for your child, and we take that responsibility very seriously!

  • Appointments for these meetings must be arranged via email.

Academy Students

  • Further Terms and Conditions are set out in an agreement upon acceptance into our Academy Programme. These children have a higher expectation due to their studio representation.