Silhouette Studios News and Updates


Welcome to 2024!!! We have just returned from the Gold Coast where we took our group of Academy students to compete in the Evolution Dance Comp Finals. The students lifted their game and performed exceptionally bringing home a whole stack of trophies. Well done to these dancers

This year we kick off once again with the NZ Boys Dance Convention and then move swiftly into our general classes with our first in-house comp and dance party near the end of Term One.

This year we focus on growth as we develop our Full-Time Programme which is opening February 2025. Over this year we are running a one day training programme on Fridays for students to get a taste of what full-time may look and feel like.

We wish everyone the best for the exciting year ahead and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions


The year is flying and we are now coming into a new season for our studio. We have just launched our professional events company which specializes in venue hire and event entertainment. This will be the foundation of the next stage of Silhouette when we launch our full time course. The full time course is pre-professional training in commercial, modern and contemporary dance with specialty act development. This will provide an option for dancers to transition from after school dance into fulltime dance and then onto further study or work in the performing arts industry. The support from our dance families has been mega and we are ever so grateful for the love, prayers and trust.


Welcome back to our existing families and to those of you who are joining us for 2023. We are super pumped about this year and excited about all the great opportunities ahead for our students. Our office is running on limited hours over Christmas and New Year so response time may be slower than usual. Please go ahead with enrolments as usual and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Performance squads are filling up fast so get onto registering for those if you would like more performance opportunities.

We are currently working on our uniform and studio merch so expect some news soon about that.


Trainings are about to kick off for our End of Year Showcase 2022. We have had a fabulous year so far and our studio has grown alot since Covid restrictions have eased.

During Term Three our Academy students traveled to Timaru/Waimate for an away competition which was lots of fun! We had lots of new soloists enter our Term Three in-house comp and they danced awesome! Our Adults class did a film project and the majority of our students sat their annual exams.

Some great achievements this year so far and more to come!


Term Two has kicked off with a bang after getting past the hump of Omicron. Wasn’t that just fun! Over the school holidays we had our Academy students compete at the local CTDTA competitions and bring some amazing performances, receiving many accolades for their hard work.

We also ran our first holiday programme for the year and it was brilliant with great attendance and the kids loved it.

Awesome new developments are happening this term as we have moved into the Orange Light Setting.

We are launching the ‘Power Up Programme’ which focuses on conditioning for children in sports. We are looking forward to working with this group of children. We also have our Winter Presentation, Term Two In-House Competition and our Academy Floorshow. Its a big Term!!!


Welcome to the New Year Silhouette families and welcome to all the new families joining us this term. We are pumped for an exciting year ahead without the disruptions of building work. It is so refreshing to know our studio home is complete and we can now focus all our energy into developing our students.

A few additional features will be added throughout the year such as more lighting and sound equipment in the theatre, projectors in studio one and the theatre, more mirrors throughout the studios and the development of studio four with new gym equipment. Any fundraising done throughout the year will go towards all these additional features.

Our website is all up to date with the latest information for 2022 and we are taking enrolments now. After such a successful December showcase we have been flooded with enrolments from new dancers so we advise all existing students to get their re-enrolment form done asap to avoid missing out on their preferred classes.

What a wonderful year it is shaping up to be!!! Have a great rest of January and we look forward to seeing you all at our first week back.


We have just entered our second Level Four lockdown in relation to the Covid crisis in New Zealand. This time round we are running all our lesson online via the zoom app. This is working surprisingly well and all the tutors and students are enjoying connecting again.

Unfortunately that has put our final building work on hold…..we were sooo close!!! Crossing all our fingers and toes that the work will be completed in time for Term Four so we can enjoy the building to its full potential over the two sunny terms.

We have just launched our new venue promo video and ready to start taking bookings from November onwards.


Welcome to Term Two and welcome to all the new families joining us this term. We are looking forward to lots of exciting events on the horizon such as the Big Night In, the Academy Floorshow Cabaret, the term two In-House Comp and the Winter Presentation.

We also have lots of birthday parties booked so there are going to be some excited children around the place celebrating those. Looking forward to seeing you all achieving great things in your classes this term.


We are nearing the end of Term One and looking forward to the upcoming Autumn presentation where our mini and recreational students will be performing, supported by some other items from various classes.

We are gearing up for stage two of our fitout which will begin in the April school holidays.


This month we welcome boys from all over New Zealand to the first ever NZ Boys Dance Convention. We will be hosting a weekend full of workshops, inspirational talks, mentoring, fun & general support for boys in dance.

Later in the month we have our first Silhouette in-house dance competition where children of all abilities will come together and perform in our on-site theatre. The evening will finish with a dance party and parent drinks.

Keep dancing and smiling!!!!


Hi Everyone,

Kate here, welcome to 2021 and the most exciting year at Silhouette yet! This page will be regularly updated with interesting info about the studio, fun facts and any important notices such as cancellations, emergencies.

This year we move into our new venue and gosh it is incredibly exciting but also comes with its handful of concerns and challenges. The decision to move was based on the fact that we had hit max on capacity for our existing studio and could not provide what the students needed to ensure proper training continued, so we knew we needed to seriously look at moving.

I never imagined moving to such a large complex but a lot of thought and prayer has gone into the decision and I am feeling really at peace with it even though it is a huge personal risk to our family. The final tipping point was the support through covid, end of year show & fundraisers that made me realize we had an amazing community of families that understand our vision and are on board with it as much as we are so it is thanks to that support that we signed that lease. Go Team!!!

We are so full of appreciation to all the people of our dance community that have donated time and money into helping us create an amazing space for dancers and tutors to grow in Christchurch. We are excited to begin classes out of this new space from 18th January 2021.