Battle of the Boys

We are proud to host the one and only ‘Battle of the Boys’ at our annual NZ Boys Dance Convention.

The Battle of the Boys is a male only dance competition where boys compete with up to two of their chosen solos on the Friday night and and the top scoring routines in each age group are chosen to perform in our convention showcase held on the Sunday evening.

The winners in each age group of this competition are then presented with their sashes and awards/prize packs


To be crowned in Feb 2024
SeniorTo be crowned in Feb 2024
2023JuniorJohran Dillinger-Waldron (winner) – Invercargill
Te Komako Forde (runner up) – Waiheke Island
SeniorDylan O’Keefe (winner) – Christchurch
Ryan Bossack (runner up equal) – Australia
Hunter Cranfield (runner up equal) – Wanaka
2022JuniorXavier Eveleigh (winner) – Christchurch
Oakley Simmons (runner up) – Wellington
SeniorHunter Cranfield (winner) – Wanaka
Jordan Yang (runner up) – Christchurch
2021JuniorTamati Graham (winner) – Ashburton
Tavatualau Limuloa (runner up) – Christchurch
SeniorHunter Cranfield (winner) – Wanaka
Dylan O’Keefe (runner up) – Christchurch