Development Programme

Our Development programme is an excellent choice for students who would like to be pushed further in their dance training. The children in this programme work hard towards sitting formal examinations. The exams are held annually and are an asset for any dancer if they decide to look for work within the industry as a dancer or tutor. Aside from exams and classes, children in this programme are offered various performances, workshops, social events and are able to put their name down for solos/duos/trios in our in-house comps or join our performance squads. This is the stepping stone to progress into the regional competition scene or our Academy programme.

Classes on offer for development programme students are ballet and commercial technique classes, ballet, commercial and acro exam classes, pointe, heels, virtuosity and any of the open classes.

Technique classes focus on developing the dancers skills in more depth and are strongly advised if your child is sitting their exams. These classes are training based only without any performance unless we feel the need is there for training technique through learning a routine.

Some children may be required to do two days of the development programme in order keep up with the set exam work. If they cannot attend two days and we feel they need it then they will be advised to move into the step programme.

Exam classes follow a set syllabus, BBO for ballet and SCS for commercial/acro and work towards an exam in September/October. Students who only attend this class without the backup of the technique class will need to pass an assessment during Term Two so we can make sure they are of a sufficient standard to take on the exams.

Friday open classes are about letting go at the end of the week, enjoying fresh new choreography taught each week and a good chance to be in additional items in the end of year show.

Performance squads are open to any students who are not in our Academy programme and are the perfect chance to work together with a group of dancers on competitive level routines and experience what it is like to dance in comp squads.


Children in this programme are expected to wear very tidy uniform and slick hair to every training, rehearsal and performance. You can purchase the uniform here

Ballet Classes 002 Black Silhouette Singlet

101 Black Silhouette Leggings

402 Black Long Socks

302 Black Canvas Ballet Shoes
Commercial & Acro Classes002 Black Silhouette Singlet

102 Black Silhouette Trackies

402 Black Long Socks

304 Black Canvas Commercial Boots

Knee pads are also recommended for these classes (PW Dancewear)
Friday Open ClassesFree Choice for all open classes. Ask your tutor for appropriate footwear.
Ballet Classes201 Black Silhouette Leotard

105 Pink Tights

301 Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes

401 Blue Flower Hairpiece

Pointe shoes – seniors only (Stage Door/PW)

Hair must be in a slick high bun every class with ribbon around bun and on the bottom
Commercial & Acro Classes202 Blue Silhouette Leotard

101 Black Silhouette Leggings

303 Tan Canvas Commercial Shoes

Hair must be in a slick bun.

Knee pads are also recommended for these classes (from PW Dancewear)
Open ClassesFree choice for all open classes. Ask your tutor for advise on appropriate footwear. Hair must either be in a slick bun or slick ponytail. No loose hair.

Black Carmen Heels – heels class only (PW)


Children in these classes have two performances per year. Those who choose to join a performance squad will have additional stage opportunities on top of these.

July 29th & 30th – Winter Presentation (Silhouette Studios Theatre)

December 14th & 15th – End of Year Showcase (Charles Luney Auditorium)


Term Fees are invoiced three weeks prior to the start of each term and are expected to be fully paid by the first week of classes. No refunds after the first lesson to new students. No refunds given after the term has commenced for returning students.

Development Fees
One Class per week$115+gst per term
Two Classes per week$230+gst per term
Three Classes per week$335+gst per term
Four Classes per week$430+gst per term
Five Classes per week$515+gst per term
Six Classes per week$590+gst per term
Seven Classes per week$655+gst per term
Eight Classes per week$710+gst per term
Nine Classes per week$755+gst per term
Unlimited Classes per week$790+gst per term
Performance Squads$250+gst per year
Annual Exam Fees$40.00+gst (commercial/acro)
From $80.00+gst (ballet)
Production Fee (invoiced term four)$25.00+gst
Costume Hire Fee (invoiced term four)$30.00+gst per costume ($25 per costume after 3)


If your child is entering into Senior ballet exam levels (inter-foundation and above) the BBO invites you to become a member which gives you discounted exam and course fees. This is an optional choice for parents and needs to be organized directly with BBO, not through Silhouette.