Academy Programme


The academy programme has been created for children aged 10 – 18 years old who are displaying excellent rhythm, agility, confidence and co-ordination in their development programme and a real passion for dance. They will be split into different Academy sections based on age and ability. Students accepted into Academy must be taking development classes as advised by our staff. The academy programme has two strains….

Classical Focus (Classical Flat, Pointe Work, Neo Classical, Classical Contemporary, Classical Lyrical, Pas de Deux, Variations)

Commercial Focus (Jazz, Commercial Contemporary, Hip hop, Commercial Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Aerial Hoop, Acro-Dance, Partnering)


The children in our academy programme are given the chance to work in more depth with our tutors and other children of a similar skill level to push their dance over and above what exam work offers them. This is next level dancing and is creating outstanding performers who we believe will hold a lifelong love of dance and be some of the most inspiring performers of the future generation. The development of our dancers to convey emotion, deep feeling, storytelling and passion on top of their technique is a strength at Silhouette and we are very proud of this attribute. These skills are so important as it stands a dancer out from the rest at auditions and performances.

Another strong focus is working in a team and leadership to reflect the majority of dance career jobs.


A typical training will consist of a combined warmup, followed by a training session on either dance conditioning or choreography. Students will then have a combined dinner followed by a session working on choreography for upcoming performances & regional competitions.

This is a flexible format and will also include mentoring from outside professionals, off-site training sessions and other training activities to enhance the students learning.


Children in the open academy will have the chance to perform in these shows…..there may also be other opportunities offered.

FEBRUARY 12th – Guest performing ‘Amazonia’ at the NZ Boys Dance Convention

JUNE 17th – 18th – Academy Dinner & Floorshow

JULY 2nd & 3rd – Winter Presentation

JULY 15th – 17th – Short season of ‘Amazonia’ during KidsFest

NOVEMBER 21st – Celebrate Bishopdale (selected group only)

NOVEMBER 26th – Xmas in the Park (selected group only)

DECEMBER 16th – 18th – End of Year Showcase 2022

DECEMBER 19th – Breakup Prizegiving & Academy Section C re-run (non costume)


Any child in our open academy is welcome to do solos/duos/trios as part of our in-house comps. We will also be considering them for regional solos/duos/trios, however, this is by invite only and only if we feel it is the best step for them and their dance journey. With the change in programmes this year we know their workload is already going to increase quite a lot and the health and wellbeing of our young dancers is paramount.

FEBRUARY 25th – 27th NZDA Comps Christchurch Regionals (one of these days only)

APRIL 25th – 30th – CTDTA Comps Christchurch (one of these days only)

JUNE 1st – 16th – NZDA Comps Grand Finals Christchurch (up to two of these days only)

AUGUST 27th & 28th – Waimate Competitions (road trip staying at the Timaru Top 10 Holiday Park)

SEPTEMBER 9th – 13th – CTDTA Comps Christchurch (one of these days only)

There may also be other opportunities that arise during the year but information for these type of events will be emailed out before you commit as they are not part of our official calendar.


The fees below cover all Monday academy sessions on our timetable, entry for most competitions and a re-audition in September. There is no extra charge for the week long Academy training camp, except for any activity fees if we go off site. When you sign up for open academy, it is a year long commitment through to December 20th, however, we have decided to make it easier financially and offer a two part payment. You are required to pay the full yearly fee regardless of whether you decide to leave during the year. Students accepted into Academy will receive 10% off their Development package fee if they are doing a minimum of four additional classes per week. All the below fees MUST be paid off before the end of Term Two.


We run an Academy Camp late January for team bonding and learning choreography to get ahead for the year.


Due to academy being so reliant on a team effort we require each parent to sign an agreement on behalf of their child committing to the year ahead. It can be really upsetting for fellow students and the staff if we have a lack of commitment from some and then have to pull the group out of performances so please read the full contract before signing.

The open academy contract will be emailed out to you.


If you think you have what it takes to join the Academy programme then please sign up below for our auditions. There are a lot of things we look for in a student before they are accepted into this programme. If you would like some more information about this then please email us to discuss.

The 2023 intake will be based on an audition that will run on September 19th 2022, 4pm onwards.