Pre-school Programme

Our pre-school programme is held in studio one which is a lovely warm room so the children feel safe and comfortable. There is a waiting room with toys next to this studio for young siblings to enjoy.

For the 1 & 2 year old classes we ask that each child has a parent present in the studio. For our 3 & 4 year old classes, parents are able to choose between watching in the classroom or waiting just next door in the waiting area where you can easily be called on if any problems. It is totally up to you and your child as some children are more confident than others.


Children are free to wear an outfit of their choice. Tutus, shorts, dresses, pants….just make sure they can move well in what they are wearing.


Children in these classes have two performances per year. Both will be held in our on-site theatre.

April 11th – Autumn Presentation

September 26th – Spring Presentation


All prices are excluding GST.