Pre-school Programme

Our pre-school programme is held in studio one which is a lovely warm room so the children feel safe and comfortable. There is a waiting room with toys near this studio for young siblings to enjoy. Occasionally the students will have their class in studio two or in the Theatre (studio five) if we want them to practice performing on a real ‘stage’ but we will let parents know when this happens so they know where we are. And for Acro they may use Studio Four with the larger equipment.

We prefer parents to settle their child with the tutor and then wait in the waiting areas where you can easily be called on if your child gets distressed. We welcome parents to take the time they need to settle their child on their first few sessions of the term if they need support. Often children are absolutely fine, sometimes even better once parents have left and in our experience they will learn a lot more when they just have the tutor to focus on.

Classes on offer for pre-schoolers are a dance/acro class which covers a range of dance genres such as ballet, jazz, lyrical and hiphop as well as some basic acro training.

Classes are scheduled for 45 minutes however we leave 5 minutes each side for the change over of classes and for children to settle in, play a game at the end etc so 10 minutes is dedicated to this important part of making the children feel comfortable.

The dance aspect of the class is preparing them with all the basics of dance and takes them through various genres during the year setting excellent foundations in co-ordination, contrasting movements, understanding of the different genres and inspiring a joy of dance within improvisation.

The acro/gym aspect of the class is focused on training their balance, strength, flexibility and agility with preparatory exercises for acro skills which they will move onto when they head in the mini programme.


Children are free to wear an outfit of their choice. Tutus, shorts, dresses, pants….just make sure they can move well in what they are wearing. We just request that all hair is tied back off their face and if wearing a skirt or dress they have shorts on underneath.


Children in this programme have two performance opportunities per year.

June 29th & 30th – Winter Presentation (Silhouette Studios Theatre)

December 14th & 15th – End of Year Showcase (Charles Luney Auditorium)


Term Fees are invoiced three weeks prior to the start of each term and are expected to be fully paid by the first week of classes. No refunds after the first lesson for new students. Returning students do not receive a refund once the term has begun.

Pre-School 3 & 4yrs old
One Class per week$95+gst per term
Production Fee (invoiced Term Four)$25.00+gst
Costume Hire Fee (invoiced Term Four)$30.00+gst