Selwyn House Dance Programme

Thank you for considering the Selwyn House Dance Programme for your child’s training. Silhouette Studios are excited to be managing the programme this year. Our dance school has an excellent reputation and we pride ourselves on the nurturing and inspiring style of our tutoring as well as exceptional assessment and examination results.

We are looking forward to working with your child.


Please note that we also run a full dance studio venue in Burnside so if you are interested in another dance class option then click here for that timetable.


TERM ONE Monday 1st February (first day)
Wednesday 31st March (last day)
TERM TWOMonday 3rd May (first day)
Wednesday 30th July (last day)
TERM THREEMonday 26th July (first day)
Wednesday 22nd September (last day)
TERM FOURMonday 18th October (first day)
Wednesday 8th December (last day)


We begin our youngest dancers with combination classes which have a mixture of both ballet, jazz & lyrical foundations. Dance at this young age is about learning good technique through fun interactive exercises and dances. When children are ready, they will progress into the next level and classes will start to split and separated class options will become available.

Ballet – We teach our children the internationally recognized BBO Ballet syllabus. These include optional exams/assessments.

Jazz/Lyrical – This is an exciting class combining Jazz dance and expressive Lyrical dance. Children will be taught the SCS Commercial syllabus exercises as part of their training and learn routines. All music is appropriate for each age group and regularly checked.


The students in the Selwyn House Dance Programme will be invited to perform in these concerts

Sunday 20th June – Informal Presentation (Silhouette Studios Theatre)

Saturday 4th December – Themed Presentation & Awards (Silhouette Studios Theatre)

We will also be offering students the opportunity to do solo routines for medal tests and competitions. Please contact us if you would like more information about this.


All our tutors are fully qualified and regularly attend professional development courses. They teach strong technique and dance skills in a kind and inspiring way.


Click here for uniform information.

If you require a studio tshirt then please click the below button and follow the purchase instructions.


  1. Fill out the above form with your class preferences.
  2. We will then contact you with any advice on levels or to confirm your child’s classes.
  3. Finally, you will receive an invoice to your email address up to three weeks before the beginning of term. We require this fee before the first week of classes.


Term Fees are invoiced three weeks prior to the start of each term and are expected to be fully paid by the first week of classes. No refunds after the first lesson.

Selwyn 4 – 12yrs
One Class per week$110+gst
Two Classes per week$220+gst