Silhouette Senior Academy and Internship Trial


The 2021 senior academy programme has been created specifically for our 2020 Senior group who are 15 years and over and are wanting to be involved in squads, academy shows and/or tutoring. This is a very custom made programme created just for these students and potentially new dancers after a acceptance into the programme. Students who are accepted into this programme must be attending sufficient classes within the Development programme to back up their Academy training and performing. We will advice this on a case by case basis. For this particular group we will not be offering a Classical focus however they will still be given some base classical training as part of the programme to help with technique. The focus for senior academy will be….

Commercial Focus (Jazz, Commercial Contemporary, Hip hop, Commercial Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Aerial Hoop, Acro, Partnering)

Tutoring Focus (Multi genre training, mentoring, practical and theory with an opportunity to also shadow teach alongside the Silhouette tutors and eventually apply for a teaching position within Silhouette if interested)


The students in our senior academy are given the chance to be great role models at Silhouette as we enter the first year in our new venue running our expanded programmes. We have noticed a real positive shift in this group of girls over the past year and want to encourage them to keep believing in their dance and performance ability as well as other skills such as teaching.

Another goal we want for this programme is for the girls to really bond and create strong friendships that will last a lifetime.


A typical training will consist of a combined strength and conditioning warmup, followed by an intensive coaching hour based around the strengths, gifts and passions of each student whether it be commercial dance or becoming a tutor. Students will then have a combined dinner followed by a session working on choreography for upcoming performances & regional competitions.

This is a flexible format and will also include mentoring from outside professionals, off-site training sessions and other various training activities to enhance the students learning plus fun bonding activities.


Students in the senior academy will have the chance to perform in these shows…..

JUNE 11th – 13th – Academy Dinner & Floorshow

JULY 3rd & 4th – Winter Presentation

SEPTEMBER 17th – 19th – Academy Showcase

NOVEMBER 21st – Celebrate Bishopdale

NOVEMBER 27th – Xmas in the Park (selected group only, based on the cccp directors decision)

DECEMBER 10th – 12th – End of Year Showcase

DECEMBER 20th – Silhouette Christmas Evening


Any student in our senior academy is encouraged to do solos/duos/trios as part of our in-house comps. We will also be considering them for regional solos/duos/trios, however, this is by invite only and only if we feel it is the best step for them and their dance journey. With the change in programmes this year we know their workload is already going to increase quite a lot and the health and wellbeing of our young dancers is paramount.

For our squads, we want to give them a chance to ease into it as the regional competition for their age group is extremely strong. We will start with an in-house comp first and see how everyone is feeling. If they are not keen to take it any further then we will keep focusing on performances and in-house comps for their group work.

If they want to do some more low key regional comps then we will plan a trip over to the west coast, timaru or blenheim. We want to work with the girls and how they are feeling so that is what next year is about.

There may also be other opportunities that arise during the year but information for these type of events will be emailed out before you commit.


The annual fee below covers all academy sessions on our timetable, entries for competitions, an end of year review and all mentoring hours outside of this. Costume hire is separate to this and will only be as required. When you sign up for senior academy, it is a year long commitment, however, we have decided to make it easier financially and offer a half year payment. You are required to pay the full yearly fee regardless of whether you decide to leave during the year.


Due to academy being so reliant on a team effort and also the fact that they are working closely with younger children we require each student to sign a contract committing to the year ahead. It can be really upsetting for fellow students and the staff if we have a lack of commitment from some and then have to pull the group out of performances so please read the full contract before signing.

The senior academy contract will be emailed out.


With this being our first year of Academy we are going to have a slightly different intake process. It will be based on the student’s work in class during 2020, any performances they have been involved in and a phone interview if required. Please mention your interest when enrolling for class this year and we will be in touch.

The 2022 intake will be based on an audition that will run on September 27th, straight after our Academy Showcase.