Class Descriptions

Here are some helpful descriptions so you know what each of the timetable classes offer.

DANCE/MULTI – Multi genre combo class training children in the foundations of jazz, ballet, lyrical and more.

ACRO/GYM – Foundations of acro-dance and gymnastics

BALLET EXAM – A challenging class learning the BBO classical ballet syllabus where children have the opportunity to sit an exam if they are ready. The class has barre and centre exercises.

COMMERCIAL EXAM – A challenging class learning the SCS commercial dance syllabus which covers commercial jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop and musical theatre. Students have the opportunity to sit an exam if/when they are ready. The class has warmups, exercises, improvisation and short routines.

BALLET EXAM TECHNIQUE – A challenging class where students are coached more thoroughly on the technique of their exam syllabus steps as well as a chance to learn some choreographed work such as classical variations. Occasionally these classes will be open syllabus classes where students are given on the spot exercises to try and tackle which will include some new challenging steps. We also offer a Ballet Technique class to our Recreational programme dancers and this is the same syllabus but taken at a slower pace.

COMMERCIAL EXAM TECHNIQUE – A challenging class focusing on the drills for commercial dance. Kicks, Turns, Leaps & Tricks. Students will be given a cardio warmup, drills down, across and around the room as well as any conditioning exercises to help with technique.

ACRO-DANCE/TUMBLING – Students in these classes are trained in acro-dance and tumbling basics, preps, skills and tricks. The tutor can work with many different abilities in one class and works each child to his or her own level.

POINTE PREP – This class focuses on strengthening the students feet prior to them progressing to pointe shoes. This helps keep the transition safe and will also improve their jumps, stronger feet equals stronger jumps…win win! Students will not require pointe shoes for this class however we may encourage some moving into pointe shoes near the end of their time in Grade Five.

POINTE EXAM – This class is for girls to work on their pointe work from their exam syllabus as well as foot strengthening work. It is only available for students in our development programme and all students must do a term trial before they continue into the year. This is so we can do some good strengthening of their feet and safely get them up in pointe shoes without injury. Some girls are just not ready for pointe and may need to do more strength work which we can set.

BOYS VIRTUOSITY – This class focuses on the strength required for male dance work as well as detailed coaching on the specialty moves in boys dance. The sessions may be either strength based or skills based depending on what the group requires for their other dance training.

HIP HOP / AFRO – A challenging open class to a range of hip hop music where students will do a quick hip hop warmup, some drills, then learn hip hop routines. This class is also taught afro-fusion some weeks. Afro-fusion helps the children to develop a more internal movement in their bodies and a real sense of the Hip Hop roots. Work hard in a fun relaxed vibe and wear your own choice of outfit!

MUSICAL THEATRE / ACTING – A challenging open class to a range of broadway musical theatre tracks where students will do a quick jazz warmup, some exercises then learn a routine. The tutor will work hard on the acting and facials aspect of musical theatre.

LYRICAL / CONTEMPORARY – A challenging open class to a combination of abstract, flow and pop music depending on the week. Students will do a quick contemporary warmup, some drills then learn a routine. The tutor will switch between lyrical and contemporary routines throughout the term.

APPARATUS / CIRQUE – A challenging open class for students wanting to learn the aerial silks, aerial lyra (hanging hoop) or aerial trapeze. All students who take this class are on a one term trial before they can re-enrol. This is because we must make sure they are focused and careful enough with listening to instructions due to the risks involved in being on the apparatus.

STRENGTH/STRETCH – The focus of these classes is to build strength, develop muscles safely and to improve flexibility through a combination of static & kinetic stretching. PBT exercises will be included in this class. If your child is struggling in their jumps elevation then this is a great class to take.

POWER-UP PROGRAMME – These are sessions designed for children in sports and help them with further conditioning to help them with their agility, flexibility, strength, balance and co-ordination.