What ages do you run classes for?

We have classes for boys and girls from 1 – 18years. We also have an Adult program beginning for 18yrs plus.

Are private lessons right for my child?

Private lessons can be helpful for many children. Some benefits are to help get your child up to speed or stronger at their exam/assessment work, learn solo routines, focus on getting a challenging new skill or to help them become more confident with dance in general.

How does my child get into competition work?

They can compete straight away in one of our in-house comps but to do regional comps they need to be attending our Development Programme and successfully auditioning for our Academy Programme.

If I am transferring from another dance studio where I do regional competitions, can I continue doing regional competitions?

It can sometimes be difficult making a studio switch and we are very understanding around this. We will take this case by case and your child will be required to attend an assessment and submit video footage of their competition work if they would like to be considered for Academy. We may require your child to do a term of Development Programme classes prior to accepting them into Academy. Please note that they may not be able to compete with their existing solos if their previous studio does not allow this.

Can parents watch classes at Silhouette?

Parents can be actively involved in our 1 & 2 year old classes as well as our inclusive programme. We also have optional parent viewing for our 3 & 4 year old classes however, there is a no viewing policy for all other programmes as this helps children concentrate and get more out of each class. We have regular performance opportunities for parents to see their child dance.

Do I have to pay for Term Fees before my child starts classes?

Yes, from 2021 all invoices must be paid before your child can attend their first week of classes. See below for financial support

Can I pay by installments?

Yes you can. Divide the total invoice cost by five and pay weekly for five weeks or contact us to arrange a different amount. We expect fees to be paid by the middle of term if paying by installments.