Beginner Programme

Our beginner programme classes teach children the foundations of all styles of dance and set them up perfectly with everything they need to progress onto the next stage of their dancing which may include official examinations when they are old enough or ready to move up. By the end of the beginner programme we will have a really good idea of your child’s strengths, focus and passion and can offer good advise on their next steps.

Parents just drop children off for these classes so we can keep the children focused without too many distractions. There is a waiting area close by. If your child is struggling to leave you then please contact us and we can help make it easier.

Pre-School Classes

Classes for our preschoolers cover dance and basic gymnastics. They have a 45 minute session however we do allow 5 minutes at each end for children to get comfortable, chat about their week and have a dance game at the end etc.

Mini Classes

For our mini students they have two class options, one dance/multi and one acro/gym. Most of our students do both classes as this gives them a full range of training covering all areas to help keep their training balanced and options open.

The dance/multi class focuses on clarifying their understanding of a range of dance genres and offers them strong foundations for each of these styles. Futher development in co-ordination, contrasting movements, improvisation and technique is taught throughout the year.

The acro/gym class starts to introduce basic acro skills and tricks and some other gymnastics conditioning work that will help build their strength. Strong focuses on their balance, strength, flexibility and agility will be offered throughout the term.

Children in this programme who are at least 5 years old are also offered the chance to join our performance squads which train together and perform up to four times per year or they can choose to learn their own solo routine for our in-house comps.


The uniform can all be purchased from our website..

Pre-School Boys & GirlsFree choice of class wear
Mini Boys001 Black Silhouette Tshirt

103 Black Bike Shorts
Mini Girls001 Black Silhouette Tshirt

103 Black Bike Shorts

Footwear is not required as we want to be able to see the use of the feet in these early stages

Long hair needs to be in a slick ponytail with their hair right off their face. We do not allow hair to be out for class.


Children in these classes have two performance opportunities per year. If they join a performance squad then they have additional opportunities within the in-house comps each term.

July 29th & 30th – Winter Presentation (Silhouette Studios Theatre)

December 14th & 15th End of Year Showcase (Charles luney Auditorium)


Term Fees are invoiced three weeks prior to the start of each term and are expected to be fully paid by the first week of classes. No refunds after the first lesson for new students. No refunds given after the term has started for returning students.

Pre-school Fees
One Class per week$90+gst per term
Minis Fees
One Class per week$105+gst per term
Two Classes per week$210+gst per term
Performance Squad (competitive dance)$250+gst per year
Annual Exam Fee (optional) – minis only$40.00+gst
Production Fee (invoiced term four)$25.00+gst
Costume Hire Fee (invoiced term four)$30.00+gst