Recreational Programme

Our Recreational programme is the perfect class for students wanting to enjoy their dance classes, train hard, perform regularly but without the pressure of formal examinations. We offer separate boys and girls recreational classes. The children in this programme have the opportunity to sit an assessment once a year where they will perform the warmups, exercises and routines from a smaller syllabus. Children will receive a report sheet with positive feedback and some helpful comments about what they could look to work on next. They will also receive a score out of 100 so they can look to improve it the following year if they wish to.


Step One : 7 – 10 years old

Step Two : 10 – 14 years old

Students older than 14 years will need to choose from the orange open classes.


Children in this programme wear a black Silhouette Tshirt and black bike shorts. The Tshirt can be purchased from our website and bike shorts from any shop such as Kmart or The Warehouse.


Children in these classes have two performances per year.

April 11th – Autumn Presentation

September 26th – Spring Presentation


All prices are excluding GST