Recreational Programme

Our Recreational programme is the perfect class for students wanting to enjoy their dance classes, train hard, perform regularly but without the pressure of compulsory examinations. The children are taught all the work but it is optional to sit the official examination. We offer separate boys and girls recreational classes. The children in this programme are taught all of the syllabus and are then offered optional examinations in September where they will perform the warmups, exercises and routines. Children will receive a report sheet with positive feedback and some helpful comments about what they could look to work on next. They will also receive a score out of 100 so they can look to improve it the following year if they wish to. This is presented on a beautiful certificate with their headshot photo taken at the exams. It is a lovely keepsake.

Classes on offer for our recreational students are a commercial class, an acro-dance/tumbling class, a ballet technique class and all our open classes available on Fridays.

Commercial assessment classes follow the Silhouette Commercial Syllabus (SCS) which teaches group warmups, various dance exercises and small routine combinations in a stress-free class style with less focus on drilling their technique but more on the overall enjoyment of learning and achieving. The students are offered an optional assessment as part of this class.

Acro-gym/tumbling is taught based on the ability of each student and they are not expected to be working at a higher level than they can cope with. This keeps the class enjoyable and gives the students a real sense of reaching each goal set.

Our open Friday classes are a great way to meet different students as these classes combine children from both our recreational and development programmes. These classes are more challenging but can be a great way for your child to push themselves a little more rather than moving all the way into the development programme if they are feeling their recreational class is not quite enough for them.

Children in this programme are also invited to join our performance squads which get to perform three times during the year and focus on competitive dance training or they can learn their own solo routine for our in-house competitions.


This is an approximate age guide for each level. We work with children case by case in this programme though.

Step One Girls : 7 – 8 year olds / Step One Boys : 7 – 10 year olds

Step Two Girls : 9 – 10 year olds / Step Two Boys : 10 – 13 year olds

Step Three Girls : 10 – 12 year olds

Step Four Girls : 13 – 18 year olds


Students in this programme wear a black Silhouette T-shirt and female students wear black leggings and male students wear bike shorts. The T-shirt can be purchased from our website and bike shorts/leggings from any shop such as Kmart or The Warehouse or they are also available from our online shop. Bare feet are fine for this programme however children are welcome to wear dance footwear if they choose to and this can be purchased from PW Dancewear. Just mention your child dances at Silhouette and they will help sort the appropriate footwear.


Children in these classes have two performance opportunities per year. If they join a performance squad then they have additional opportunities within the in-house comps each term.

July 2nd – 3rd – Winter Presentation (Silhouette Studios Theatre)

December 16th – 18th – End Of Year Showcase (Charles Luney Auditorium)


Term Fees are invoiced three weeks prior to the start of each term and are expected to be fully paid by the first week of classes. No refunds after the first lesson.

Recreational 7 – 14yrs
One Class per week$110+gst per term
Two Classes per week$220+gst per term
Three Classes per week$320+gst per term
Four Classes per week$410+gst per term
Five Classes per week$490+gst per term
Six Classes per week$560+gst per term
Seven Classes per week$620+gst per term
Eight Classes per week$670+gst per term
Performance Squad (Competitive Dance)$150+gst per year
Annual Exam/Assessment Fee $40.00+gst
Production Fee (invoiced in Term Four)$20+gst
Costume Hire Fee (invoiced in Term Four)$25+gst per costume